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Monitor the apps that power your app

Gain real-time visibility into the performance & availability of the world’s most built-upon cloud products.

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Modern software development means apps built on apps

Canary Monitoring offers performance and availability metrics for the SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications that you rely on to deliver digital customer experiences in real-time, all the time. Monitor all the apps you rely on, such as…

Explore the benefits of Canary Monitoring

Real-time Visibility

Continuous monitoring with real-time alerts and notifications.

Actionable Data

APIs & webhooks so you can act on insights before your customers notice.

Beyond Availability

Availability, uptime, and latency for all key workflows & endpoints.

SLA Reporting

More than real-time, with historical trends and detailed reporting.

Trusted Authority

Verifiable insights leveraging the collective experience of Canary customers.

Every Service

Monitoring every third-party service you depend on to deliver your product experience.

Flexible, powerful, actionable with no code required

Canary exercises common end-to-end workflows through third-party APIs with provisioned accounts and customer accounts from over a dozen data centers worldwide. Real-time access to this combined, unique data set is then made available through our Slack application and through notification channels such as Slack, PagerDuty, and webhooks. Insights, trends, and longer-term visibility are additionally made available through Canary’s web-based application, integrations, and REST API.

Get started easily, no code required

Select your monitoring targets and methods

We monitor dozens of cloud-hosted APIs and integrations, while exercising each with shared API keys and private keys, sharing the insight with all Canary customers.

Immediate access to real-time data

Canary does the scripting for you, so sit back and benefit from real-time notifications and trend over time reporting on the reliability of the apps your app and your business rely on most.

Integrate for action and insight

Use webhooks to take programmatic action, add our Slack app for real-time alerts and queries, pull data into your metric dashboards, and include in PagerDuty.

On a mission to make the Internet more reliable

The API Economy is making it easier and faster to build high-functioning software applications on the backs of best-in-breed tools. Issues with third-party dependencies are now a top cause of customer-facing outages, but legacy monitoring tools don’t offer clear, definitive insight; we do.

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